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Welcome to #courseforme,
13th January 2021 By courseforme

Glad you are here — The demand for e-learning in India is growing exponentially large — especially during this meltdown when everyone around is forced to get locked inside, the online course market is booming. Keeping the high demand, many new platforms are hitting the marketplaces every single day. 

However, many of these portals have failed to serve the need of an individual learner in their social, political, and linguistic context. Most of the online courses created are either made in English or in a specific generic language that seize the opportunities for the local creators.

Here, at #coursforme, we are presenting an exclusive e-learning model that solves this problem instantly. #courseforme is furnishing the needs of individual learners in their own language and presenting the local creators the opportunities to create online courses for whatever reason they like. 

It comes with a flexible course content option and interface that’s easy to understand — one can upload videos, power-point presentations, pdfs, audio, ZIP files, and go live to create courses. It also comes with first-hand conveniences to engage and interact with the learners to boost the engagement and learning outcome. 

#courseforme is one of its kind platforms with flexible learning opportunities — users can start learning from anywhere in the world at their own pace. A whole new world of pocket-friendly courses that are easy, quick, and best.  

We, at #coursforme, are a team of qualified professionals with years of experience in the e-learning industry. We are aiming to present the opportunities for both learners as well as the creators by bridging them using this amazing tool built using world-class technologies.