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Why #courseforme?
13th February 2021 By courseforme

There are several benefits that it offers to the learners as well as to the creators about why they should join us. 

For learners/students

  1. No registration fee to get started
  2. Browse an extensive 200+ course categories of free & paid courses 
  3. Learn in your own language & pace
  4. Browse using advanced search filters such as categories, language, rating, budget etc.
  5. Download course material easefully in any format
  6. Speak to the instructor to clear the doubts. 
  7. Easy assessments and evaluation throughout the course
  8. Get certified after completing a coursework 
  9. Rate your teacher & submit a feedback 
  10. Easy refund policy, promotional offers, and referral benefits. 

For course creators/tutors 

  1. No registration fee to get started
  2. Create free and paid courses 
  3. Create once and get paid for life time 
  4. #courseforme will deduct only 5%* service fee 
  5. Create courses in own language 
  6. Upload videos, ppts, pdfs, audios, zip files to create online course
  7. Interact with students & learners via chat or live classes.
  8. Get paid weekly
  9. Marketing, learning, and referral benefits for creators
  10. Get recognition as you grow